Lee Da eun has been working with an interest in the subculture and micro individuals who have appeared in the media environment since the late 2000s. Recently, Lee is researching Subaltern’s image reproduction method for media and works of art, and Lee visualizes this using various media such as photography, video, installation, performance, and projects. Lee received her M.F.A at Korea Nationl University of Arts and has participated in a number of group exhibitions held in Seoul.

이다은은 2010년대 이후 미디어 환경에서 등장한 서브 컬쳐 및 미시적 개인의 이야기에 관심을 두고 영상, 사진, 설치, 퍼포먼스 등 다양한 매체를 사용하여 이를 시각화 하고 있다. 최근에는 ‘난민’을 비롯한 여러 ‘이동자’들과 교류하며 필드워크를 진행하였으며 여기서 수집한 아카이빙 자료를 매체가 가진 미적 형식 안에서 어떻게 다른 방식으로 보여줄 것인가에 대한 고민과 연구를 이어나가고 있다.


2017 M.F.A Korea National University of Arts, School of Visual Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Korea

2014 B.F.A Chugye University of Arts, College of Fine arts, Department of Print media, Korea

Solo Exhibition 

안개, 상자 입 Haze, Chamber, Lips, ONSU GONG-GAN, Seoul, Korea, 2022

이동자들 Movers, Online Exhibition, Korea, 2020 (

환영 받지 못하는 자, Persona Non Grata, iGong, Seoul, Korea, 2019

이미지 ; 변환; 상 Image ; Converting ; Images, Gallery175, Seoul, Korea, 2018

이미지 헌팅 Image Hunting, Sonemari, Seoul, Korea, 2018

Enjoy:MOTEL, alternative art space ipo, 2016

Group Exhibition 

Index, Constellaitons, Theatre Sinchon, Seoul, Korea, 2021

The 19th Seoul International Newmedia Festival(NeMaf), Seoul, Korea, 2019

Anti-Freeze, Hapjeongjigu, Seoul, Korea, 2019

NEWS, Dear Mr. Ripley, SeMA, Buk- seoul, Museum of Art, Korea, 2018

Persona Non Grata, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea, 2018

Who framed her?, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea, 2018

Korea-Taiwan Art Exchange Exhibition, Visual Intercourse;1456km,Taiwan Kun Shan University of Arts, Kun Shan, Taiwan, 2016

Triangle – Korea, China, Japan International Exchange Photo Exhibition, Korea National University of Arts, K-ARTS Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2015

The 4thArt Factory Project, Culture Staion Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea, 2014


ARKO(Arts Council Korea) Creative Academy – Selected as an Artist in the Field of Visual Arts, 2021

Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Grant, 2021 (Collective Ping)

Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Grant, 2020

Art Council Korea Grant, 2019

Seoul Metropolitan City Grant, 2018

Korea National University of Arts Grant , 2018


ARKO(Arts Council Korea) Arts Theater Brick Break Platform, 2021 (Collective Ping)


Refugee, Life of refugeeization, Galmuri Publising Co.Ltd, 2020

Philosophy Lesson for Life Photo series, Munhakdongne Publising Co.Ltd , 2013

Work Career

Jamunbak Arts Festival Curator (2022 – )

Jecheon International Film & Music Festival Program Coordinatior (2022 – )

Jamunbak Arts Festival Curator (2021)

Seoul International Women’s Film Festival Program Team Coordinator (2021)

Geumcheon Foundation for Arts and Culture Project Manager (2020)